Eco Smart Roofing Services

Whatever you roofing project is, let your professionals help you!


MODIFIED Bitumen Roofs

Eco Smart installs modified bitumen membranes that offer superior flexibility, impact resistance as well as added strength and unique and item specific roofing system compatibility. Eco Smart installs a variety of SBS and APP Membranes that can be hot asphalt applied, torch applied or cold process and mechanically applied. We offer Granulated, Smooth and Siliconized finish to most of our membrane types.


Metal Roofs

Eco Smart offers metal roofing systems made from metal pieces, metal sheets and metal tiles, most common material used by our clients is hot dipped galvanized metal roofing systems. Metal roofs protect homes from extreme weather events with durable and attractive solutions that reduce the homeowner’s carbon footprint especially when coated or pre-coated with heat reflectamts. With a minimum recycled content of 26-28 percent and ability to lower energy consumption, our metal roofs are a great solution for the “eco” conscious minds here in San Francisco where sustainability and durability is greatly respected.

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TPO Roofing systems

Thermoplastic Polyolefin Membrane (Referred to as TPO) is a single-ply reflective (usually comes in bright white) roofing membrane made from polyprophylene in combination with ethylene-propylene rubber polymerized together in a chemically bonding, complex process. TPO membranes are typically installed in a fully adhered or mechanically attached manner, allowing the white membrane to remain exposed and uncovered. These membranes are typically installed for commercial or public projects. TPO roofs are commonly installed by Eco Smart in San Francisco on bigger buildings that are commercial or partly commercial. It’s logical to install TPO membrane on bigger buildings due to the fact that these roofs require less maintenance while expected service life is maximized.

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Copper Roofs

Eco Smart loves Copper on many levels. Copper offers the character, waterproofing and durability that no other metal roof can ever match. Looks of Copper can complement most buildings, from classic to traditional and to the modern, Copper roof is a winner of them all. The glow and beauty of this Copper material as well as aging segments of Copper make it a preferred fit for many designers and architects worth their salt.

The use of copper roofs is based upon traditional practices proven over centuries. There are numerous examples of copper roofs which have been in place one or more centuries especially in Chinese and Japanese architecture. Copper’s resistance to any destructive elements is highest among any other type of roofing systems. Ask us if use of copper roof or copper elements in the roofing system you desire is the right fit for your building and your budget as copper is extremely expensive.


ASPHALT Shingles

Asphalt shingles are the most common and most widely installed roofing materials that is currently available.  Asphalt has proven itself as extremely effective against water and other destructive elements over a century. Despite its resilience against the moisture, asphalt shingles remain flexible. The asphalt shingles used by Eco Smart are made of high quality materials reinforced by fiberglass that will not dry out or become brittle during its lifetime as Eco Smart mostly installs white or commercial white asphalt shingle roofs. Our highly trained installers use the latest and most efficient installation techniques and equipment to make sure your asphalt shingle roof is installed correctly and efficiently.


Roof Decks

Beautiful San Francisco climate gives locals the ability to enjoy roofs to the full potential! Here at Eco Smart we specialize in different types of decking installations. You can request an evaluation of your roofing system to see if it qualifies for a brand new roofing deck, primary concern is the legality, safety and structural soundness of the deck.

Roofing decks come in all shapes, sizes and materials, whether or not it’s a floating, fixed or designer decking system that you are thinking of Eco Smart got you covered. Mahogany, Redwood, PT, IPE and Designer Deck Systems are available to install. Beautiful deck lets you enjoy life to the fullest so let us know what you’re thinking of and we’ll help you choose the decking system designed for your budget and for your needs.

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Skylights are a compliment to any living space, Eco Smart loves skylights as it gives our clients a smart solution to natural lighting and ventilation while providing superior protection from moisture. Putting on a new roof is, of course, a great time to replace an older, leaky or inefficient skylight/s. We recommend installation of double pane skylights at time when you are repairing or replacing your roof. If your existing skylights are a standard size then installation of new skylights is easy at the time of replacement since removal of old skylights is required for proper waterproofing of the curbs around openings.

We recommend owners doing some research prior to choosing the right skylights as there is a variety of options available, from fixed skylights to UV protected systems to smart solar skylights click on learn more below to be taken to our favorite skylight supplier.

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Solar Panels

If you already have solar panels on your roof and need a new roofing system installed, Eco Smart can offer removal of your old solar array, disconnection of your photovoltaic system from the grid, disconnection of your inverter, mapping of your solar panel system, replacement of your roof with proper sealing of all solar Stantions / Stand Offs / Penetrations and re-installation of the solar system in present configuration. Eco Smart also has programs on variety of services to your solar system to optimize future performance.

For new solar installations and load calculations Eco Smart recommends San Francisco's local solar company - Luminalt Solar Energy Solutions to bring you the best results and warranty on your new solar and roofing system.