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Your home or condominium might be the most expensive investment that you will ever make. You want a thorough and reliable property inspection before you can confidently decide to buy or sell your home, make home energy efficiency improvements or replace your roof, Eco Smart has a trusted partner that performs quality property inspections all over Bay Area. Bay Area Home Inspections (BAHI Inc.) is proud to offer you the security blanket made out of knowledge, technological advancements and personalized service. Bay Area Home Inspection services include home buyers inspections, home sellers inspections, construction inspections, termite inspections, home energy efficiency inspections, fireplace inspections, roof inspections, earthquake preparedness inspections, mold air testing, asbestos testing and lead detection, Bay Area Home Inspections is Eco Smart's trusted partner.

What is a good property inspection? - Quality property inspection is a visual inspection of the structure and its components that documents all items that are not performing correctly or items that are unsafe based on existing conditions and code compliance. If issues or symptoms of a issue are identified, the home inspector will include a description of the problem/issue in a detailed written report and will recommend further evaluation or repair alternative. Prior to closing escrow, you must consider whether or not repairs are needed now and who’s going to pay for them, with Bay Area Home Inspection’s custom APR’s (Approximate Pricing for Repairs), it is easy to understand fiscal implications and priorities in which repairs must be completed. Bay Area Home Inspections helps you make the right decision at the time you need it the most. Due to the fact that Bay Area Home Inspections has multiple strategic partners that are Licensed Architects, Licensed General and Roofing Contractors, you will always be safe having a strategic advantage over disclosures presented to you at the time of transaction.

Why is it important to get the property inspected? - Emotions are often affecting buyers and it makes it hard to imagine any issues with their prospective new home. Responsible buyer must have a property inspected to identify all of the problems possible with the building before moving forward with the costly transaction. Once your inspection is performed, do not wait on the agent to assist you and review the inspection and make a list of items you think the seller should address and present them to the agent in a timely manner as most of the transactions have time windows attached to them. While the inspection is not meant to be negotiating tool, in many cases it becomes one, having your inspection company recognized by the State of California as a Licensed General Contractor or having your inspection report approved by one helps you validate your findings. Don’t ever let your relatives or friends inspect property of your interest, you should always rely on certified individuals perform the task that secures your future. You always need a qualified, unbiased inspector that does not sugar coat the inspection results. If you are a buyer, never rely on seller’s inspection reports as they could be biased or incomplete.

Things you should not expect from a home inspection? - A home inspection is not protection against future failures. Different issues arise over time, components like air conditioners and heat systems can and will break down as they have. Home inspection attempts to reveal the condition of the components at the time the components are inspected. Always remember that your inspector is not in a position to open up walls or remove finishes. For protection from future failure you may want to consider a home warranty. A home inspection is not an appraisal that determines the value of a home. Nor will a home inspector tell you if you should buy this home or what to pay for this home as these questions are outside of inspector’s scope. Home inspector will not pass or fail a house you are interested in, some homes are built before code revisions and are not obligated to comply with the current building code. California State Licensed home inspectors are required to point out any immediate safety concerns and report them to the seller and any realtors present as this affects all parties. A home inspector thinks “Safety” not “Code” when performing a home inspection.

Sample Report below is purposely outdated to keep our competitors away from current formatting technology we use but it carries enough information for you to understand the level of detail and experience necessary to perform quality inspection and to  produce a solid inspection report.

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We were looking for the house and were about to purchase a nice Victorian near Pine street, we were very pleased with the way house looked and everything seemed right but decided to have it inspected, we found Bay Area Home Inspections, scheduled an inspection and quickly had our house checked out, from the moment we called we were surprisingly shocked by professionalism and knowledge of our inspector. Our inspector Erast has walked us through the house noting things that we wouldn’t notice ourselves, everything was explained to us and it turned out that we were in for a solid buy, inspection report came in 24 hours. We’re still enjoying our Victorian, thank you Bay Area Home Inspections.
— Mark and Lisa, homeowners
I was looking for a property to invest in San Francisco, we were searching for a great value but did want to do some of the work ourselves to save some cash, found few properties that could potentially fit our needs, needed to get them inspected to make sure the key components were good. Stumbled upon Bay Area Home Inspections and scheduled with them. In a week I had all of the properties checked out, got a bulk deal from Bay Area Home Inspections, only one of the three fixer-upper properties was up to my standards and I went for it. Was a great investment, thank you Bay Area Home Inspections. Fast, efficient and informative experience.
— Adam Hayes, multiple properties owner